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Image of CyberSim


Designed in collaboration with veteran Hydrodynamica test pilot Daniel Thomson.

The CyberSim is a scaled down and modernized version of the original hydrodynamic planing hull designed by Bob Simmons in the 1940s.

Like the Mean Machine, the aspect ratio of the planing surface is in accordance with concepts explored by Lindsay Lord, Bob Simmons , and Fibonacci. Nose and tail width slightly pulled, slight hip in the back third. Stringerless XTR foam with epoxy resin. Available as dual, tri, or quad fin. 19-20” wide for the tri fin, 19”-22” wide for dual fin and quad.

Suggested lengths 5’3” to 6’2”. Available with glass on bamboo fins, carbon fiber fins, or fin system. A high performance design utilizing Simmons’ original planing hull theories. Shaped by Daniel Thomson exclusively for Hydrodynamica.

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